Biddizzi muricani

Modica's beauties

Modica ( Muorica in Sicilian) - Neolithic Age city, it has been the capital of a cultural, political and economic County. Its downtown has been rebuilt after the 1963 earthquake and represents one of the most important examples of the Baroque architecture.
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Aritstic, cultural
and nature trips in Modica

The city was declared a UNESCO human Heritage site in 2002 together with Some Val di Noto's areas.
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A city to discover

The sweet art
of the present tense

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Ciucculatta muricana

Cioccolato di Modica

Modica's chocolate tradition has been discovered from the Aztecs, also known as "people of the fifth sun", that lived in Central and south America from the XIII to the XVI century. Theu used to toast cacao seeds on what they called "METATE", a curved stone warmed up by wood, using a special rolling pin made in stone too. The cacao dough was then seasoned with spices such as vanilla, red pepper, cinnamon and exotic flowers. In the end, the mixture was rubbed on the METATE until it hardened becoming a uniform mixture.